D'ni proverbs

These proverbs have been sourced from a number of locations, including some that are no longer available.


Lose your questions and you will find your answers.

— Riven Manual

The reader is entertained by the journey of another, but the writer is the changer of worlds.

— Old Cyan homepage[1]

The rock is hard, the rock-biter is patient.

To live in the past is to die in the present.

— Atrus' personal journal[2]

A Tree falls; a page arises.
A scarab is captured; ink is released.
Life is taken; an Age is given.

— D'niGuild.com

A seedling does not attempt to replace a tree that went before it. It seeks only to grow.


The head is hard, the rock is harder

— D'niGuild.com

The branches of the Great Tree grow without end, yet the Maker knows them all.

— D'niGuild.com

Time teaches many things. It is the rock in which we bore.

— Book of Ti'ana (p14, hardback)

Between guessing and knowing is a long dark tunnel.

— Kahlis, The Book of Ti'ana

Gaining one's freedom is but the first step to achieving it.

Every journey is simply a series of steps, but the first step is not always simple.

— DRC Homepage[3]


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