Race D'ni
Name in D'ni Kalis
Personal details
Father Gehn (elder)
Spouse Tasera
Children Aitrus

Kahlis was Aitrus's father and the husband of Tasera. At the time of the fall of D'ni, he was the Grand Master of the Guild of Surveyors. He lived with his son and his wife Tasera in the Jaren District, and took Anna into his home when asked by Lord Eneah. After it came out that Aitrus had been teaching Anna to Write, Kahlis tried to resign from his position but his attempt was refused.

Because of his position as the head of the Guild of Surveyors, Kahlis was one of the Guild Council members to accompany the Great Lords to the refuge of one of the Guild Ages when the disaster struck. It was there that they were to debate what to do about the gas that had been injected into the Cavern, and it was there that he died, infected by the body of another dead D'ni citizen who had been linked into the Age by Veovis and A'gaeris.