D'ni smoker

D'ni smoker
Gehn's pipe and smoker.
Location Riven, Age 233

Gehn uses this device in conjunction with his famous pipe, which can be seen on Book Assembly Island and is then taken by him to Age 233.

To use this smoker, called a "daban". Gehn sticks the long, tubular end into the hole at the bottom of his pipe, then he presses a small button in the middle of the pipe to ignite it.

It is presumed that this daban contains the Ytram frog extract he talks about in the first journal, "Smoother than any of the other substances I have found in my travels". Like Gehn, natives in South America can concoct an extract similar to this type from poison dart frogs there.

However, many rumors indicate that this extract has many hallucinogenic properties. This may be the case, as when the player watches the monologue given by Gehn, he seems to be acting a little nervously, showing extreme paranoia, and delusions of grandeur; saying untruthful things about Riven, such as his case that Catherine is insane.