Age 233

Age 233
Age 233.jpg
Author Gehn
Written Leevotar 11, 9438
Link-in points Gehn's office
Connections Riven

Age 233 was the last complete Age written by Gehn. It was also the first successful Age he managed to write on Riven, far from the pre-made D'ni books and the phrases he usually relied upon.


The unusual rock formations on Age 233 were caused by the acidic content of the seawater, which eroded away the rock. The caustic sea eventually dissolved enough basic material from the rock to neutralize its acidity, preventing additional erosion. When the sea water receded, it left distinctive, unusual shapes behind. It is likely that the water level dropped due to the harsh conditions of the Age, evaporating the water as the planet drew closer to the sun it orbited.


This was the first Age that Gehn was able to successfully complete without the assistance of the D'ni reference material from which he typically cribbed the descriptive phrases he needed. He had an office constructed for use as an off-world retreat from Riven, with links back to each of Riven's islands for fast travel. There he investigated whether Age 233 was stable, and began working on Age 234, where he planned to move the Rivenese people once Riven finally collapsed. Unfortunately, Gehn was never able to determine whether or not the Age was stable before he was finally stopped by the Stranger during the events depicted in Riven.