Eder tomahn

Eder tomahn
Eder tomahn.png
The eder tomahn near the middle of the Great Shaft
Location Descent

An eder tomahneDer toman) is, literally translated from D'ni, a "rest house". Each one is a room with somewhat small beds carved into the walls, and each contains a KI dispenser and a Nexus terminal. These rooms were intended to be used by travelers and traders moving to and from the surface, but were ultimately abandoned along with the rest of the Descent shortly after construction of the Great Shaft was completed in 9337 DE.

Explorers currently have access to the rest house located near the middle of the Great Shaft. Based on information in Myst V: End of Ages, there are additional eder tomahntee at the top of the shaft, just above the base of the shaft, and past the bottom of the shaft, adjoining another node in the Descent. These rooms vary in material finish, but share the same basic layout and design.