Nexus terminal

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Nexus terminal
A Nexus terminal.
Location Cavern, Descent

Nexus terminals are, first and foremost, Nexus access points. These terminals allow explorers to return to the Nexus, and are scattered throughout Ae'gura at convenient locations so that accessing the Nexus never entails a terribly long walk. The terminals also feature a KI interface slot which will register that location as a link-back point in the explorer's KI.

After placing your KI in the interface slot, a notice will appear in your KI's chat channel indicating that the link has been added, and when viewing the City Links list in the Nexus Book machine interface, every link you have registered will appear there.

A particular Nexus terminal only needs to be registered once to gain the link for one's KI, however, you must register the terminal before linking to the Nexus, or the link will not appear in your list. Using a Nexus terminal's KI interface slot without a KI will have no effect, and explorers are cautioned that linking to the Nexus without a KI could be dangerous, as there is no way out unless you have a Relto Book with you.

To ensure that registering a Nexus terminal worked correctly, wait for the KI symbol on the terminal to light up before removing your hand. A message will also appear in your KI chat indicating that you have successfully registered that terminal's link-in location.

With the exception of the Nexus terminal in the Great Shaft, all accessible Nexus terminals are active and contain a Nexus Book. Additionally, although there are Nexus terminals located in the Great Shaft in End of Ages, the Books on the pedestals link to Direbo, not the Nexus. The bases of these Nexus terminals do not spin.

Known link-in points[edit | edit source]

Location 5 6 7
Neighborhood[1] 60265 999 -71
Ferry Terminal 154 75 -93
Tokotah Alley 1970 57 -82
Palace Alcove 59310 43 -76
Concert Hall Foyer 59875 78 -79
Library Courtyard 56559 96 -78
Watcher's Pub 18270 22 -48
Messengers' Pub 61921 27 -72
Kirel 60040 1036 -103
Guild pubs 0 0 0
Descent[2][3] 0 0 0
K'veer[2] 0 0 0
G.Z. observation room 31249 7 0
Great Zero 26752 4 -1

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Neighborhoods are not instanced, each one is in a different position on the wall of the Cavern, however a glitch in the KI puts all of them at the same coordinates.
  2. 2.0 2.1 This location is in the Cavern, but possibly beyond the reach of the Great Zero neutrino beam.
  3. Descent is accessed through a Bahro stone, but there is a terminal, so the link-in point is possibly the same.