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Race unknown
Name in D'ni falE
Personal details
Born 2840 DE
Died 3123 DE

Fahlee was a painter who lived and worked during the D'ni Renaissance. He was widely believed to be the greatest artist of the era. He died in 3123 DE,[1] at the age of 283, just one year after completing his work on the renovated Temple of Yahvo.

Known works[edit]

The Great King Ahlsendar

Great King Ahlsendar[edit]

A painting of the Great King Ahlsendar is kept in the Ae'gura Museum.

Temple of Yahvo[edit]

King Rakeri commissioned Fahlee to paint the interior of the newly-renovated Temple of Yahvo in 3112 DE[2]. This work would be his last, as he died a year after completing it, in 3123 DE.


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