Ae'gura Museum

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Ae'gura Museum
Location Ae'gura
Restoration progress
Current phase Released

Among the buildings left open to remaining explorers when the DRC left the Cavern in 2004, the Museum is a fairly sparse location, containing several linking pedestals but only a few Books. Unlike museums on the surface, the D'ni museum was dedicated to maintaining a collection of Ages which enabled the D'ni to explore various worlds which best allowed for the study of a certain field.

On the walls of the upper level there are three paintings, depicting King Kerath, King Ahlsendar and Queen Lalen.

The Age of Todelmer has been confirmed to have been in the Museum at the time of the Fall. Currently, as well as at the time of the Fall of D'ni[citation needed], the Museum contains books linking to the Age that is commonly referred to as the "Pod Age." The DRC has placed the Negilahn, Payiferen, Tetsonot and Dereno books on pedestals along the left wall.

On a table at the top of the stairs there is a map of the "Pod Age" as well as a chart indicating the relative height of several of the Age's native animals relative to a human. It seems likely that there are other linking books to this Age because of the number of locations marked on the map, but the status of those Books is unknown.