Great Zero marker dispenser

Great Zero marker dispenser
Location Ae'gura

There are actually two Marker Dispensers in the Great Zero. One is located in the observation room, and the other is at the head of the stairs leading into the Great Zero courtyard. The Great Zero Marker Dispensers are connected to the Neutrino Dispenser and work together to keep the Great Zero calibrated.

The Marker Dispenser will calibrate a person's KI to interact with the Great Zero and then, as the name suggests, distribute the "red" Marker Mission to the KI. When enough Marker positions have been collected by an individual, they can download those locations to the Great Zero using the Marker Dispenser, which will then upload the "green" Marker Mission to the KI.

Completion of the "red" mission will also cause the Marker Dispenser to register a link to the Great Zero Courtyard in the user's KI. Completion of the "green" Mission will enable the individual to gain access to the Great Zero Calibration Chamber and complete the Calibration Marker Missions, which are shown as yellow in the KI. Once enough location data have been uploaded via these dispensers, the Great Zero is calibrated and functional.