The Island of Ae'gura.
Name in D'ni å'gUra[contested]
Location D'ni Cavern

Ae'gura (the actual D'ni spelling is not known, perhaps å'gUra) is the main island in the D'ni Cavern and also acts the capital of the city. It served as the governmental and cultural capital of the D'ni empire. While it is sometimes referred to by the DRC and explorers as "the city", the actual D'ni city is located on the wall of the Cavern.


As the capital of D'ni, many of the main landmarks of the city can be seen and/or accessed from there. During the time of the D'ni, travelers to Ae'gura would arrive via ferry, passing under Kerath's Arch. This led to the Ferry Terminal from which the Great Stairs could be accessed. This in turn led to the Kahlo Pub and the Tokotah Courtyard from which many various areas of the city can be accessed, such as the Palace, the Hall of Kings, the Canyon Mall, the Museum, the Library, and the Concert Hall Foyer. The Great Zero is build at the pinnacle of the island.

Other important buildings such as the Guild Hall, the Concert Hall itself, the Arch Museum, and the Aquarium still have their interiors closed off to explorers. All of these areas were listed in restoration phase 1 when the DRC abandoned the cavern in 2008 CE.


It is not clear how many districts there are on Ae'gura. The districts of Ishah, J'Taeri, Jaren, and Kerath'en are the only ones that have been confirmed.