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Guild of Books
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The Guild of Books was one of the 18 Major Guilds on the Guild Council at the fall of D'ni. It was responsible for the manufacture of kortee'nea [KortE'nEa], blank linking Books, used to write Ages. The secret of their creation remained closely guarded, and may have been lost when D'ni was destroyed in 9400 DE.

It should be noted that this guild is not called the Guild of Book-Makers, even though it would be consistent with the general pattern of guild names referring to the people involved and not the activity or product itself. However, the DRC website, which is considered an authority on these matters, refers to it as the Guild of Books[1].

Notable members[edit]

  • c. 9395 DE - Grand Master Yteru
  • c. 9400 DE - Guild Master Rijahna
  • c. 9400 DE - Gehn (apprentice)

Restored Guild[edit]

There is no restored Guild of Books, though some members of the restored Guild of Writers refer to specific people or aspects of their work as relating to the Guild of Books and the Guild of Ink-Makers.


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