Guild of Healers

Guild of Healers
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The Guild of Analysts was one of the 18 Major Guilds on the Guild Council at the fall of D'ni. Guild members were responsible for the health and well-being of everyone in D'ni. They were sent into newly-written Ages to ensure that there were no airborne pathogens that could infect the D'ni and spread disease, and if any were found, it was the responsibility of the Guild to develop vaccines and cures.

Perhaps the most trying period in the history of the guild was during the plague that ravaged D'ni from 2014 to 2268 DE. King Gan succumbed quickly to the plague, and his successor, King Behnashiren, seemed more interested in blaming the Guild of Healers for the disease than helping them find a cure for it. However, under the reign of Behnashiren's successor and uncle, King Hemelin, a cure was finally found in one of the Books of Birenni, and within six years, the guild declared the disease officially cured.

The Healers had a reasonably advanced understanding of microbiology; equipment used during the First Restoration included centrifuges, microscopes, bacterial filters, and clean room procedures.

Notable members[edit]

  • Grand Master Yena
  • Guild Master Jura