Books of Birenni

Books of Birenni
Author Birenni

The Books of Birenni were a collection of Ages written by a D'ni author named Birenni. They are often referred to as the "lost Books of Birenni", as they had been lost for many years. Little is known about the content of these Ages, but they were instrumental in the development of a cure for a virulent plague that ravaged D'ni in the decades before 2262 DE. That year, the Books of Birenni were found by Lalen during her search for a cure. A plant in one of these Ages provided the Guild of Healers with the means to defeat the plague.

Starting in 2262 DE, a festival was held in D'ni on the anniversary of the re-discovery of these Books—Leevobro 12 (roughly December 13th). This festival is sometimes described as celebrating the finding of the "lost Book of Birenni", referring specifically to the Age in which the cure was found.[1]


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