Guild of Maintainers

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For the modern-day Guild of Maintainers, see Guild of Maintainers (restored).
Guild of Maintainers
Guild of Maintainers emblem.png
Short D'ni name telbErE
D'ni name telok bErEtantE
Guild color maroon

The Guild of Maintainers was one of the 18 Major Guilds on the Guild Council at the fall of D'ni. They were the police force and fire department of the D'ni civilization. There was also a special division known as the City Guard, whose only responsibility was to maintain order in the D'ni Cavern. Other branches of the Maintainers Guild were responsible for things such as Age inspection and upkeep of prison Ages.

The DRC has stated that "the Maintainers were the police for anything that dealt with the writing of or the use of Books. A Book could not be used before approval from the Maintainers. No one considered a link safe until it had received Maintainer approval."

The Maintainers also developed the KI technology shortly before the fall of D'ni, as the DRC found them in large caches on Maintainer-controlled Ages. They had just been adopted by the guild and were making their way into widespread distribution at the time when D'ni fell.

The Guild of Maintainers operated the Age of Gahreesen, using it for training, and also as a prison.

Notable members[edit]

  • c. 4692 DE - Grand Master Imas
  • until 4692 DE - Guild Master Demath (later King)
  • c. 9300 DE - Grand Master R'hira
  • c. 9400 DE - Grand Master Jadaris
  • c. 9400 DE - Guild Master Suahrnir
  • Guild Master Kura