From Guild of Archivists
Race D'ni
Personal details
Died Leesahn 8, 9400 DE

Jadaris (jaDaris[contested]) was the Grand Master of the Guild of Maintainers at the time of the fall of D'ni.

When two young Guildsmen in his guild went missing a short time before the Fall, he personally oversaw the search for them. Following the discovery of their bodies, he also personally oversaw the arrest and imprisonment of Veovis, whom A'gaeris had framed for their murder.

Veovis eventually escaped his imprisonment, and began to carry out a campaign of terrorist attacks throughout the D'ni cavern as revenge. When he was finally recaptured with the assistance of Ti'ana, Jadaris coordinated the creation of the bespoke prison Age that was meant to contain Veovis for all time. Unfortunately, with help from another Maintainer, Suahrnir, A'gaeris managed to spring Veovis from his permanent imprisonment, and the two would go on to commit genocide against their own people. Grand Master Jadaris died along with the rest of the high-ranking members of the Guild Council in the aftermath of that attack, on Leesahn 8, 9400 DE.