Guild of Miners

Guild of Miners
Established 1124 DE
Guild color royal blue

The Guild of Miners was one of the 18 Major Guilds on the Guild Council at the fall of D'ni. They were responsible for all mining operations conducted by the D'ni. There is a fine difference between this Guild and the Guild of Surveyors. In human enterprises, miners typically do the digging and the excavating and the tunneling. In D'ni, the Surveyors were responsible for actually opening up the mines, while the Miners were responsible for running those mines after they were open. These mining operations likely included excavating everything from metals to stones, which would be passed on to the Guild of Stone-Masons for refinement and use.

While not yet an official guild, the Miners were still instrumental in completing the first major excavation project in D'ni: expanding the network of tunnels which fed fresh air into the D'ni cavern. This project was undertaken in 84 DE, well before many advancements in stone-working technology had been made, so many non-Guild volunteers were also involved with this project.

The Guild of Miners was originally founded in 1124 by King Mararon as a minor Guild, but in 2488 DE, King Naygen made it a Major Guild – one of the 18 that helped govern D'ni – replacing the Guild of Fine Artists.

Notable members[edit]

  • c. 2500 DE - Hinash's first son
  • until 3298 DE - unnamed Guild Master, assassinated by King Tejara
  • 3469 DE - Grand Master Namen
  • 5500 DE - Grand Master Veshar
  • 9300s DE - Grand Master Rakeri