Grand Master

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Grand Master was the superior title in the Guild rank hierarchy. There is only one Grand Master in each guild, and they serve as its head.

Grand Masters were chosen from the elder Guild Masters and as such, had to reach the age of wisdom (being more than 125 years old) to be eligible.[1] It was a prestigious rank in society and those of the Major Guilds belonged to the elite.[2] Some even dared to disagree with the king at various points[citation needed].

In the last years of the D'ni kings, most Grand Masters had forgotten the philosophies of Ri'neref and stopped supporting the role of the king[citation needed]. The Lords of D'ni were chosen from the Grand Masters of the Guilds.[3]

Known Grand Masters[edit | edit source]

Guild of Writers
Guild of Maintainers
Guild of Books
Guild of Miners
Guild of Surveyors
Guild of Legislators
Guild of Messengers
Guild of Caterers
Guild of Healers
Guild of Analysts
Guild of Stone Masons
Guild of Chemists

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