Katja Lenček

Katja Lenček
Looking for answers in the Hall of Kings
Race Human
Portrayed by Lisa Exten

Katja Lenček is the only member of the team to have visited D'ni prior to the mission.[1]

Though only a teenager when her parents took her there, Katja fell in love with the place, despite being forbidden on that occasion from using the linking books. The family's visit was cut short by the deaths of Willow Engberg and Rosette Taylor, tragedies that were enough to convince her parents that the Cavern was not safe.

Katja, however, never forgot the deep city. She tracked down an original explorer who had learned the D'ni language and persuaded him to share his knowledge. Even though the site had been sealed, she continued to feel its pull, which led her to take up a job working on the air force base near the Cavern.

By pure chance she overheard Gomez discussing the mission, and when the team arrived at the entrance to the tunnels they found Katja waiting for them. Determined to see the city one last time, Katja refused to back down when Gabe tried to stop her, citing knowledge of the language, and a favor Gomez owed her.


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