Moiety caves

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Moiety caves
Moiety caves.png
Location Riven

The Moiety Caves were a network of hidden caves on Riven which served as the Moiety's hideout. When the Moiety were formed in opposition to Gehn, they spent most of their time in the caves to avoid discovery. After Catherine wrote Tay, the Moiety relocated to the new Age, leaving behind the Tay linking book carefully hidden.

The caves were unadorned and lit by firemarbles. A secret entrance was hidden in the wall of the jail cell where Gehn kept prisoners he intended to feed to his pet Wahrk. This allowed Moiety prisoners to discretely escape from Gehn's clutches. Another entrance faced the open ocean.

Deep in the caves was a circular room in which the book to Tay was hidden. The book was guarded by a combination lock consisting of twenty-five vertical stones standing in a circle. Each stone had a symbol representing a different animal native to Riven. Five of them pressed in the right order would reveal the hidden linking book. The book itself was hidden behind a pool of water on the wall. Once the animal stones were pressed correctly, the water would flow away through channels in the walls and gather on the opposite wall. It's unknown how this mechanism worked exactly, but it likely involved the special heat-phobic properties of Rivenese water.