Morgan Lapahie

Morgan Lapahie
"How would you like to see D'ni for yourself?"
Race Human
Portrayed by Nora Leonard

Morgan Lapahie is a Professor of Cultural Anthropology at Arizona State University and a Traveling Fellow with the UNESCO "Memory of the World" program.[1]

Morgan's PhD thesis was an exploration of the Navajo concept of hózhó, a word that can be loosely translated as 'beauty', 'harmony' or 'balance', but in fact means all of that. Based on the material that the Special Projects Unit made available to her and her knowledge of mythic maps such as the Navajo sand-painting rituals, Morgan was encouraged to believe that the D'ni 'art of writing' referred to a metaphorical conjuring of worlds. In a deliberate strategy by Lang and Mazerowski to deflect what could have been a dangerous interest in the potentials of D'ni technology, Lapahie was granted a fellowship to give public lectures on this topic.

Morgan's parents are UN Aid workers, and it was while visiting them in Geneva that she became friendly with Lukas Gruber.


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