Zarek Mazerowski

Zarek Mazerowski
Sharing a moment in K'veer
Race Human
Portrayed by David Wistrand

Zachariasz ('Zarek') Mazerowski is the Special Projects Officer representing UNESCO on the Mission to D'ni.[1]

Zarek was present at the opening of the DRC archives in 2025. It was he who suggested that the true nature of the linking books should remain a secret, and he contrived to have an anthropologist, Morgan Lapahie, promote the view that the books were a metaphorical trope, a deception that, in the case of his dealings with Morgan, he later came to regret.

Zarek's knowledge of the D'ni—apart from the actual language—is unmatched by any in the team, particularly as he has access to the uncensored archives. Because of what appears to be an eidetic memory and his penchant for giving little lectures, the others nickname him the "Zakapedia."


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