Nemel lotus

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Nemel lotus
Nemel lotus.jpg
A closed nemel lotus
Found in Edanna swamp

The nemel lotus is a very large flowering plant found in the swamp biome of Edanna. The flower relies heavily on the few beams of light that penetrate the tree's outer bark to survive; though closed when in shadow, it opens into full bloom whenever stimulated by light.


Nemel lotuses possess thick, fleshy petals that can fold up to form a protective shell around the inner areas of the plant. Arrayed around the outside of these petals are smaller sepals, and finally a collection of bioluminescent leaves that make the whole thing look like an overgrown lily pad.

The plant reproduces as both a flower and a fruit-bearing organism. It possesses two large stamen that sit atop the flowering body, but it also manufactures a cage of purple fruits at the center. When a swarm of insects is attracted to the nemel lotus' stamen while the plant is in sunlight, its petals fully unfurl to reveal the fruit within. These insects are also repelled by the spores produced by the lotus and the vesuvi mushrooms that grow nearby.

As the fruit of the lotus matures, its cage grows and curls inward at the top of the plant until it presses in on a structure just beneath the stamen. This structure then releases a cloud of luminescent spores, as well as a loud trumpeting noise. The red-breasted grossamery is attracted to the sound the lotus makes when the fruiting body matures. It collects the fruit cage, taking it back to its nest to eat.