Vesuvi mushroom

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Vesuvi mushroom
Vesuvi mushroom.jpg
Found in Edanna

The vesuvi mushroom is a large fungus which grows near nemel lotuses in the Swamp region of Edanna. Its name is derived from the name of Mount Vesuvius, a volcano on Earth, because of the way in which the fungus reproduces.[citation needed]

The primary body of the vesuvi mushroom is a hollow, spheroid shape with ribs running down the outside. When touched, these ribs contract, squeezing air out of the hollow interior and blowing a cloud of spores through an elastic hole in the top of the body in a large "eruption". The out-rush of air also produces a loud howling sound whose pitch varies depending on the size of the mushroom. Once all of the air has been expelled from the body of the mushroom, it slowly re-inflates.

The emissions of the vesuvi mushroom are noxious to some local insect species, who react to them by moving away to other regions of Edanna's swamp.