Race D'ni

Nemiya was a prophetess who served under the Great King Ahlsendar. She had great respect for Ahlsendar, but he often found her advice "foolish" and "childish". However, although he did have the choice, he rarely consulted with other prophets. Nemiya was rarely seen with the Great King, and her role was relegated to being a "figurehead" for ceremonies.[1]

After Ahlsendar sealed himself in the Temple of the Great King in 1520 DE, she wrote The Book of Nemiya, denouncing his words and calling him a fraud and imposter, causing widespread outrage and bringing the D'ni people to religious chaos. Nemiya was declared a fool and heathen, most loudly by King Solath. In 1527 DE Nemiya vanished; some said she was killed by an angry mob, while others said she had been taken away by angels.[2]

By 1550 DE, though, it was becoming clear that the Great King would not return as he had promised. As his devout followers grew angrier about this deception, there was "growing sentiment that Nemiya's book carried some truth"[2].

The book Nemiya's Legacy was written about her in 1609 DE.[1] Her teachings still had many followers in the time of King Kerath.[3]