Ning tree

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Ning tree
Ning tree.jpg
A Ning Tree
Found in Ahnonay

Ning Trees, a unique type of crystal formation, have only been found in Ahnonay's second sphere. They range in size from about 6 inches0.0316 sp <br />0.5 ft <br />0.153 m <br />15.253 cm <br /> tall to 7 feet0.443 sp <br />84 in <br />2.135 m <br />213.544 cm <br /> tall. The crystals are very fragile, despite the similar appearance to the durable crystals of the Great Zero, and shatter upon contact with anything that touches them. They are the result of lightning strikes burning the sand, leaving a tiny crater and creating the crystal, tree-like growths;[1] a kind of inverted fulgurite.

The Ning Trees are mainly found near the edges of the second sphere's island or upon the faces of its walls. Once destroyed, the Ning Trees leave behind a mark of cracked stone. These trees also serve as a barrier to progress much like the quabs in sphere one; because Ahnonay's "time travel" mechanism will only activate when all of the pressure plates on the island are clear, all of the Ning trees must be destroyed before explorers can progress to the third sphere.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Information passed by the DRC to Larry LeDeay for the Nov 13, 2021 Cavern Tour.