Reference:2003-12-02 Phil Henderson visits Cavern neighborhoods

Following his return, Phil Henderson visits across multiple neighborhoods. His traveling includes a visit to the Uru Obsession neighborhood, where he oversees the reappearance of Yeesha's recently placed Relto page in the island garden.

Douglas Sharper: Phil?
The World: so many? phil , are you ok?
Dusante: do you need help?
phend: help?
Douglas Sharper: Phil? How are you?
phend: fine
Douglas Sharper: Where have you been?
phend: I've been exploring... so many
Douglas Sharper: So many what?
phend: so many areas of the city... so many people... so many minds...
Douglas Sharper: Right...
phend: so many journeys...
Brian Fioca: where is yeesha ?
phend: her?
Brian Fioca: yes her
phend: have you seen her?
Duskrin D'tahree: Yes I have .
phend: me too...
The World: we all have.
Douglas Sharper: Well not ALL of us
phend: time changes so much
Dusante: someone seems to be thwarting her efforts though phil, someone stole the relto pages she put up for us
phend: she knows
Brian Fioca: do you talk to her?
phend: I hear her
Dusante: we haven't heard from her from along time, does she have anything to tell us?
phend: i love you all - i must find more places...
Douglas Sharper: Okay... That was fun.
phend: how many places are there?
Dusante: there are alot
Dusante: neighbouhoods ?
phend: yes
Dusante: there are many many, i would guess over 50
phend: I'll go to more
phend: where should I go next?
Dusante: any one that is populated
Duskrin D'tahree: Guild of Greeter Neighborhood should be fine
phend: The DRC is looking for me?
Brian Fioca: yes, stay away from them
Dusante: yes they are, but i dont know if they have your best intrests at heart
Duskrin D'tahree: Douglas ... I meant to tell you. I have seen Yeesha . Not as hologram. But corporeal
Douglas Sharper: I've heard.
phend: Yes
Dusante: many of us have seen her, she seemed okay
phend: yes. She is okay
Dusante: she is? thats good news
phend: ?
Snatcher42: hmm. if you look through the lights, things disappear
phend: I've seen things. I've done things
Dusante: can you tell us what you've seen?
phend: yes
Douglas Sharper: Phil, can you cut the riddles?
phend: hello douglas
Douglas Sharper: What the heck is going on?
phend: watch
Dusante: i cant see you phil
Brian Fioca: he's down here, near the relto page was
phend: watch
Douglas Sharper: We're watching...
phend: this is a special place
Dusante: This is where the islands relto page is
phend: was she here?
Brian Fioca: yes
Dusante: she was, a few days ago, put the page right there, but someone stole them
phend: did you see her?
Brian Fioca: no
Dusante: does this place have more meaning than where the relto pages were?
phend: i don't know... I just can feel something here. this is a good place
Douglas Sharper: Let's all meditate and call on the spirit of Yeesha . Ha!!!
phend: yes, douglas ...
Dusante: well i will give it a try, who knows
Brian Fioca: Yeesha
phend: yes...
Brian Fioca: YEESHA
phend: she will come here again
Snatcher42: sorta looks like a face there in the water
Dusante: phil , what other places "feel" like this?
phend: wait...
Brian Fioca: This is nonsense. phil , you're crazy
phend: no, wait... will you wait?
Brian Fioca: for... what? ever?
Duskrin D'tahree: Yes, Phil. I will wait.
phend: good
GermanShepherd: I will wait, as well.
phend: good
Douglas Sharper: Start asking him.
Brian Fioca: and?
phend: brian , you are not patient...
Brian Fioca: waiting... well... really
phend: see the rock
Brian Fioca: it's a rock
phend: it's more
Snatcher42: it looks alittle like relto
Douglas Sharper: Please. It's a rock. While we're all here waiting, having a good old time... How about you tell us a little about your experiences?
Brian Fioca: yes, good idea where have you been? who have you seen?
phend: I've been where you've been... if you've seen her
Dusante: you have taken the journey? and completed the circle?
phend: I've completed the circle... have you?
Brian Fioca: yes... but... nothing has come of it
Douglas Sharper: On and on and on the riddles...
phend: have you, douglas ?
Douglas Sharper: Have I what? Completed the magic journey?
phend: yes
Douglas Sharper: No.
phend: you need to
Brian Fioca: why do we need to? to release them??
phend: to complete the circle. Do you understand?
Douglas Sharper: Phil, maybe you can show me how.
phend: I will show you douglas. But for now we will wait a bit more...
Douglas Sharper: Alright. I'll do it if you show me how.
phend: good
Duskrin D'tahree: I have taken and given back. If this is what you mean Phil.
phend: that's part of it
UbiqriD'NIculous: why are we the ones to give back what is not ours?
phend: because it is not right to keep what is not yours
UbiqriD'NIculous: understood
Douglas Sharper: Is the magic journey more fun than what we're doing right now?
phend: yes
phend: it will give you something... it will allow you to feel... feel things... like this place...
Duskrin D'tahree: Douglas : Yeesha's journey... reminds me of Zandi's geocaching . You go from point to point. Yuo learn a lot about history of D'ni.
Douglas Sharper: Right.
phend: watch the stone...
Brian Fioca: the stone
phend: and wait...
Brian Fioca: we've been waiting
Dusante: WHOA. oh my god
GermanShepherd: what is it?
Dusante: it just appeared!
GermanShepherd: the page?
Dusante: yes!
phend: do you see?
Brian Fioca: no
Dusante: you mean, you guys cant see the page?
GermanShepherd: I can see it.
Preachr46: Not from where i'm standing, no
Duskrin D'tahree: So in other words, this page returned of its own accord?
phend: a page has no accord
Douglas Sharper: Nice trick Phil.
Dusante: thing is, there are over 50 hoods. Did they appear in all of them?
phend: yes, but wait...
Duskrin D'tahree: Phil, help me understand. Yeesha returned this page? How is it we did not see her?
phend: it is deeper than that. But she is finished for now. I will find more now... who has another place to go?
Dusante: you mean relto?
phend: I need another place... another neighborhood...
Dusante: oh, you can get to the neighbouhoods in the nexus
phend: yes
Dusante: each nieghbouhood will say how many people are currently in it
phend: I should go to all of them
Kirsehn: wow...thats a lot of hoods hehe
phend: I have time
UbiqriD'NIculous: i heartily recommend shoes
phend: shoes are good

Phil Henderson travels to another Neighborhood

VereaTurus: phill, where are you ?
phend: here
Tweek: wheres here Phil?
phend: 66359
Tweek: 66359?
phend: yes
MoJo_PiN_aDDiCT: ki coordinates?
Tweek: thats a KI number
phend: it's only a door
Tweek: ah
phend: do you see it?
Barrid: how did you get in there phend?
VereaTurus: how do we open them ?
phend: it's only a door. 66359
VereaTurus: how did you do that ??
phend: do what?
VereaTurus: you appears suddenly
phend: I was here, but my journey continues
Snatcher42: 66359? hmm... only 4 numbers above each door
Tweek: aye but D'ni numeral are base 25 math so that number philsaid wont be written in 5 symbols
phend: it's just a number, where someone once was. they lived here
MoJo_PiN_aDDiCT: who?
phend: the D'ni, just one family. Like one of us
Barrid: how was your journey phend?
phend: my journey continues...
Tweek: where are you goin next Phil?
phend: another neighborhood
VereaTurus: to give this number to other people ?
phend: no, this is only a number, it means nothing... just another place
VereaTurus: someone has understand something ?
phend: yes
Tweek: You seem a lot more relaxed now Phil
phend: I'm only on my journey
Tweek: what does your journey involve?
phend: just looking, finding. You have journeys of your own
Tweek: indeed we do
phend: Thankyou Quintin, Very nice place...
Quintin: I try
phend: another place.
The World: phil, do you understand everything you've seen?
phend: no. sure But I don't see everything
The World: why it happens?
phend: I don't know why
The World: should we not work to figure out why?
phend: yes
The World: phil, how long has it been since you've been to the surface?
phend: I don't go to the surface any more, until my journey takes me there
Jensen does a dance.
phend: Why is Jensen dancing?
akira: where do you stay when you are not on your journey
phend: I am always on my journey now. This is a good shirt Brian
Brian: Thank you, it was a gift from a friend.
phend: yes. I must keep going, this is a good place. I must see more
The World: where will you go next, phil?
phend: more neighborhoods.
Jensen: the nexus book is gone!
phend: where is this book?
Tweek: oh there is no Nexus book here
phend: Where is it?
Jensen: how will you continue your journey with no linking book?
phend: Do you need a book?
Quintin: Do you not need linking book?
phend: Will someone take me to another neighborhood?
Jensen: sure
phend: ok

Phil Henderson links to Tweek's Relto

phend: This is a beautiful gift
Tweek: yes it is
phend: You have a lot here
Tweek: I do
phend: the rain - from her
Tweek: yes
phend: okay
Tweek: a thankyou present
phend: where will you take me
Tweek: where do you want to go?
phend: to more neighborhoods
Tweek: the yellow to the nexus
phend: thank you
Tweek: your welcome

Phil Henderson links to another neighborhood

phend: It's beautiful
Jensen: oooOOOooo. Yes... nice lantern things up there
phend: Who are you Jensen?
phend (private message to Tweek): Did you know I was here?
Tweek (private message to phend): no... I just saw that there was one person here
phend: hi Shawnzy
Shawnzy: How are you doing tonight?
phend (private message to Tweek): I thought you were following me
phend: good. I've seen many places today. My journey continues
Shawnzy: Been visiting a lot of neighborhoods?
phend: yes, learning
Shawnzy: What have you been learning?
phend: about you
The World: hello again, phil
phend: hello, all of you
Shawnzy: Oh wow.
phend: did you feel the call?
Shawnzy: Yes. That's why I'm here.
phend: yes, it's good. More are coming
Shawnzy: I take it you have felt it too?
phend: yes
The World: we're all very eager to learn about you as well, phil. Where you've been, what you've seen, and can see
phend: I will tell you about me after I learn about you
Shawnzy: Very much. There is so much you can teach us.
phend: I will
The World: what questions do you have for us?
phend: why are you here
The World: I am in D'ni because I am enjoying the journey, enjoying exploring, and wanting to learn more. no other reason.
Shawnzy: I'm here for the journey.
Tweek: Im in D'ni because I want to learn
Ahnochai: indeed; for the the journey
phend: that's good - to learn
Tweek: I see the journey is teaching me and showing me
phend: learning can change you
The World: has it changed you, phil?
phend: yes
The World: in a positive way?
phend: yes
The World: then I embrace that which you have learned.
Jensen: I am here because of Zandi... I helped find his surface journeys
The World: yes, Zandi. have you met Zandi?
phend: I don't know zandi yet. But I've heard of him
phend: I've met many interesting people
Shawnzy: Anyone in particular?
phend: Of course I know the DRC members
Tweek: hmm troubling times ahead with the DRC, we are going to all need to get on if the restoration is going to be a success..many people dont realise this
phend: maybe
The World: what about Sharper, what do you make of him and his ambitions?
phend: i met him
Tweek: he was in the Uru Obsession hood earlier TW
The World: I know, heh. I was just asking what he thought of him.
phend: he was kind to me I think, no earlier. When I came back from Eder Kemo
Shawnzy: I take it you have been led by Yeesha, Phil?
phend: have you, too?
Shawnzy: Yes.
phend: yes
Shawnzy: I think most of us have.
Tweek: no..Yeesha showed me a was my choice to take it
phend: that is a good way Tweek
The World: very true. we all have the power to shape our journeys.
phend: some things are predestined, but our choice is not
Kirsehn: what choice phil?
phend: our choices
Shawnzy: Have you seen predestined things?
phend: yes, have you?
Shawnzy: I suppose I still have a great deal of learning to do. I guess I don't see all that you do Phil.
phend: The predestined things are laid ahead of us, and we choose from them
Tweek: I see coincidences...usually when I see coincidence I see something higher at work
phend: yes tweek
phend: coincidence is sometime just coincidence... and sometimes it is the maker
Tweek: thats true Phil
phend: what else have you learned tweek?
Tweek: That appearences can be very desceaving, and that I need to learn how to type
phend: yes :)
Tweek: my view on D'ni has changed a great deal since I arrived in D'ni a few months back
Kirsehn: mine as well
phend: have you learned of the restoration?
Shawnzy: I've learned many different views of the restoration.
phend: yes?
Tweek: The restoration seems a complaex thing to me..there are many views and parties involved
phend: yes
Tweek: people have their own agenda's they work to
Kirsehn: the DRC wants safety first....but they also seem to hide things from us
phend: Kirsehn and Tweek have learned some of the things I have learned
Kirsehn: i would love to hear from Yeesha again
Shawnzy: You have heard the Bahro in D'ni... have you not?
phend: yes
Ahnochai: indeed, i wonder where she is?
phend: she knows
Tweek: Shes facinating
phend: yes
Tweek: *fascinating
phend: that too :) you are fine people here. I like this place, I'll come back
Tweek: in my neck of the woods it would be about
phend: I have to continue my journey - you have to sleep!
Mr. Lag: Is Yeesha using the DRC?
Tweek: I hope to see if my theories on Yeesha are correct
phend: yes. Thank you
Shawnzy: Take care Phil