Phil Henderson

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Phil Henderson
Race Human

Phil Henderson is a former DRC Restoration Engineer turned follower of Yeesha.

Rise and Fall[edit]

In 2003, Phil went missing in the age of Eder Kemo, having found his way behind a Bahro Door. Over several days, it would come to light that his KI signal would appear and disappear within the age, and after several attempts, some explorers managed to secure conversations with him. Phil would eventually be convinced to leave the age, and return to the Cavern, where he would be confronted by the DRC.

Phil's mind seemed altered from his experiences with the Bahro, having apparently gone well beyond the Journey that the explorers had been through to some degree. He carried a Relto book, something the DRC disapproved of at the time, and seemed to speak in riddles. He would convince Douglas Sharper to take the Journey, and would show insight into how removed Relto Pages or Bahro stones would re-appear after some time.

Phil attempted to climb the D'ni Guild Hall, a structure that was highly unstable, and was eventually convinced to come down by the DRC. It was here that he ended up being captured by the DRC for his own mental safety, and stowed away in Kirel, the DRC neighborhood. Explorers would later send one of their own to speak to Phil in the Kirel Eggroom, confirming that he was alright and unharmed.

Phil would be released, but not before Sharper would succeed in stealing Phil's Relto Book, also out of fear for his friend's safety, assuming that Phil would not do anything risky without the book. However, Phil refused to follow common sense, and climbed upon the Guild Hall once again, speaking about things that were hard to parse at the time.

Explorers and DRC alike begged for Phil to come down, however... a wall collapsed, and the last thing anyone could see from his KI was a single string of two characters: "????????........."

Phil was presumed dead, and his death brought upon the end of the first DRC Restoration attempt.

The Return[edit]

In August of 2007, Phil returned alongside a pair of Bahro during the week dubbed "Familiar Voices" to talk to Sharper, and advise him of the threat of the looming Bahro War, as well to warn of a mysterious "He" who was soon to be coming.

In the following month, Phil would appear and disappear at random, leaving cryptic hints and clues as to who the "He" was, as well as advising explorers on the things "He" liked.

The last anyone would see of Phil was of him taking a step off of the edge of his Old Relto into the fog below. It is assumed he is still alive, given that he had a new Relto book strapped to his hip.