Reference:2006-12-22 Victor Laxman in Ae'gura

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Victor Laxman discusses instancing with explorers.

(12/22 13:25:30) Victor Laxman: Thought I might drop by and discuss something that you've noticed, and the DRC has noticed...
(12/22 13:25:43) Guru: I'm all ears.
(12/22 13:25:44) Victor Laxman: but that we haven't really talked about much.
(12/22 13:25:46) kami: what is that victor
(12/22 13:26:08) Nadnerb: let the man finish..
(12/22 13:26:19) Victor Laxman: Do I need to shout? Or can everyone hear me?
(12/22 13:26:30) Lyn'et: i can hear
(12/22 13:26:32) kami: shout please
(12/22 13:26:40) J'ffrey: lound nd clear Vic
(12/22 13:26:53) Mireena: can't hear
(12/22 13:26:54) Skyhawk: hello
(12/22 13:27:04) ireenquench: yes, please shout or the ones by the ferry won't hear you
(12/22 13:27:30) Victor Laxman: Can everyone up here hear me?
(12/22 13:27:38) Liander: Jap
(12/22 13:27:40) Matthew Miller: Yes, I can hear you fine
(12/22 13:27:42) borg1985: i can
(12/22 13:27:43) Nadnerb: aye
(12/22 13:27:45) amy: i cant
(12/22 13:27:46) J'ffrey: Yes
(12/22 13:27:49) 4runner: yes
(12/22 13:27:50) Aikien: naye
(12/22 13:27:50) BlackRaven: Yes
(12/22 13:27:52) Lyn'et: I hope
(12/22 13:28:31) amy: i cant hear you
(12/22 13:28:31) Victor Laxman: I will shout and hope that I don't interfere with peopel exploring.
(12/22 13:28:34) Matthew Miller: anyone at the ferry, laxman has a important annoucment at the very top of the stairs
(12/22 13:28:56) jolly: are
(12/22 13:29:07) ireenquench: I think he means if we can read what our KIs transmit as text.
(12/22 13:29:14) Victor Laxman: Not really an announcement per se, just a chat. Part of the kindler/gentler DRC.
(12/22 13:29:27) Matthew Miller: Ah, okay
(12/22 13:29:34) Nadnerb: ah, nice.
(12/22 13:29:41) kami: oh yes..we are so apreciative of the openess
(12/22 13:29:48) Matthew Miller: Indeed
(12/22 13:30:15) Victor Laxman: Many of you are aware that the DRC members have taken the Yeesha journey...
(12/22 13:30:33) PapaBear cheers
(12/22 13:30:50) Victor Laxman: and we are more open to accepting things we can't explain right now.
(12/22 13:31:01) Matthew Miller: That's good to hear
(12/22 13:31:04) J'ffrey: Nice
(12/22 13:31:29) jolly does a dance
(12/22 13:31:46) Victor Laxman: One of the things that we can't explain is the multiple age occurances (what some have taken to calling instances)...
(12/22 13:33:08) Victor Laxman: We have no idea how Yeesha can do many of the things that she does. The multi-ages is one of those things.
(12/22 13:33:19) kami: it is no coeincedence then
(12/22 13:33:28) Nick: what are we doing here?
(12/22 13:33:39) Guru: Such as the 2 Kadish vaults correct?
(12/22 13:33:42) Spaz342: Finding answers, I presume?
(12/22 13:33:43) ireenquench: Is there anything we can do to help you investigate this further? In Kadish for example? The occurrence is really odd there.
(12/22 13:34:12) Nick: I hope he has a lot of answers...
(12/22 13:34:16) Victor Laxman: The DRC has experienced this first hand in Relto, and we embrace it, even without understanding it - much like you have.
(12/22 13:34:41) kami: wow..........that is wonderful victor
(12/22 13:34:51) Alfred embraces it
(12/22 13:35:02) Victor Laxman: Ireenquench brought up a question regarding Kadish and the vault for example. It appears that...
(12/22 13:35:08) Matthew Miller: Every relto is different for everyone. Thats what he means
(12/22 13:35:31) Victor Laxman: Yeesha certainly can do things in remarkable ways. And that's yet another example of it.
(12/22 13:35:59) jolly: like yeesha tells us"our relto is special"
(12/22 13:36:11) Victor Laxman: But the primary reason I wanted to bring this up is that recently we seen another variation of ...
(12/22 13:36:54) Victor Laxman: this "instancing". We've been hesitant to mention it, although some of you no doubt have...
(12/22 13:37:01) Victor Laxman: seen it as well.
(12/22 13:37:42) ireenquench: You speak of the brown book to some city locations?
(12/22 13:37:53) Victor Laxman: It appears that Ae'gura itself is experiencing the multi-age instancing...
(12/22 13:38:10) jolly: just as i thought
(12/22 13:38:17) Victor Laxman: but in some unique ways...
(12/22 13:38:18) kami: yes....but we have also found a solution to this
(12/22 13:38:31) Lyn'et: are you going to be taking these barriers down soon?
(12/22 13:38:39) Spaz342 yawns
(12/22 13:38:54) Nadnerb: I notice you still do not carry a relto book. how have you completed the journeys then?
(12/22 13:39:01) Victor Laxman: For now it appears that the Nexus is tied to the city we're in right now...
(12/22 13:39:43) jolly: is the Nexus a instance too?
(12/22 13:40:33) Victor Laxman: But it appears that links to the city from Relto go to other instances. And certainly you 've seen this behavior.
(12/22 13:40:43) ireenquench nods her head
(12/22 13:40:54) Lyn'et nods
(12/22 13:40:58) Nadnerb nods his head
(12/22 13:41:01) Spaz342 shrugs
(12/22 13:41:22) Victor Laxman: It simply appears that the Ae'gura book that Yeesha has somehow so graciously provided in our Relto...
(12/22 13:41:49) Victor Laxman: is following a similar pattern to the other books. Not exactly the same - but similar.
(12/22 13:42:19) Victor Laxman: So we wanted to simply address this now, so that you all know that we are aware of this...
(12/22 13:42:56) Victor Laxman: and we're examining all of the repercussions...
(12/22 13:43:33) kami: what repercussions do you speak of victor?
(12/22 13:43:33) Victor Laxman: But it seemed unique enough that we wanted you all to understand what we understand at this point.
(12/22 13:43:52) Spaz342: We'll know when they happen I suppose
(12/22 13:43:53) Lyn'et: Yea. what repercussions?
(12/22 13:44:24) Nadnerb: they're still being examined of course..
(12/22 13:44:30) Victor Laxman: Well Kami, it might be odd to explore the city and not find large groups in it. It could be confusing.
(12/22 13:44:31) Lyn'et: Yes!
(12/22 13:44:58) ireenquench: And you speak of Yeesha... any idea if she is around, like now?
(12/22 13:44:59) kami: oh....i see...and yes it was disconcerning at first
(12/22 13:45:00) Victor Laxman: Yes Jimbo - and now I have to kill you.
(12/22 13:45:07) Victor Laxman:
(12/22 13:45:13) Matthew Miller: lol
(12/22 13:45:21) Nadnerb: but that would only occur if we use yeesha's book
(12/22 13:45:31) Matthew Miller slowly slides away from Jimbo
(12/22 13:45:32) Spaz342: I didn't see anything Jimbo
(12/22 13:45:32) jolly: rofl
(12/22 13:45:34) Nadnerb: not the nexus. so it's predicable then.
(12/22 13:45:35) Victor Laxman: Well it certainly might come in handy. But we all should be aware of it.
(12/22 13:45:36) Aikien: didn't see a thing
(12/22 13:45:52) Lyn'et: see what?
(12/22 13:46:12) Alfred: I'm reminded of the reprecussions of the 'sharding' of Britania. Nasty business that...
(12/22 13:46:25) jolly: i wont tell anyone where u hide his body
(12/22 13:46:33) Victor Laxman: So I see that you all are going through the same exercise we are - trying to find the patterns of predictability.
(12/22 13:46:38) Lyn'et: I'll help hide the body
(12/22 13:46:44) Matthew Miller: But if these "instances" exsist with no people or few people compared to the main city. Where exactly are these cities located? On the same earth? How?
(12/22 13:46:47) Spaz342 laughs
(12/22 13:46:52) Lyn'et: Sorry Jimbo
(12/22 13:46:57) Spaz342: Not me. I don't understand much of what's going on.
(12/22 13:47:05) Victor Laxman: That Matthew is exactly what we're wondering.
(12/22 13:47:41) Matthew Miller: Thats a rather shocking and important discovery if true Garymuc
(12/22 13:47:43) Aikien: maybe dropping offline....into a d/l uru
(12/22 13:47:47) Victor Laxman: The engineering side of me jumps to a parallel universe type of explaination...
(12/22 13:48:07) jolly: do you think theres a way to sync these ages? if yeesha created these instances, do you think she might be able to to sync them?
(12/22 13:48:08) Orbmu2k: yeesha copied the "real world" simply to an age
(12/22 13:48:09) kami: we can see our neighbors in these instances
(12/22 13:48:16) Guru: If I may ask a question.
(12/22 13:48:18) Victor Laxman: but I have no idea if it's quantum related or not.
(12/22 13:48:37) Nadnerb: well, based on the D'ni idea fo the great tree, all of the "instances" are slightly, even imperceptibly different.
(12/22 13:48:49) Guru: Laxman, do you suppose that the age Relto itself has an effect on the books within it to create these instances?
(12/22 13:48:49) Matthew Miller: Indeed writing is far more powerful than just moving through space if you can move through time and dimensions as well
(12/22 13:49:10) Victor Laxman: Another reason we bring this up, is that we could use your help in finding the patterns and making them known.
(12/22 13:49:33) Nadnerb: it seems to have that effect on all ages linked to from the shelf
(12/22 13:49:38) Lyn'et: Does that mean you will be removing these barriers soon?
(12/22 13:49:40) Spaz342: What type of patterns?
(12/22 13:49:50) Matthew Miller: I'd be more than willing to help as I'm sure most of us would be. How can we help?
(12/22 13:49:54) Victor Laxman: I've spent some time in another "instance" of the city and I'm not sure if others can get to it...
(12/22 13:49:59) Nehm'o .: en ville certaz
(12/22 13:50:03) Victor Laxman: or if only I can.
(12/22 13:50:07) jolly: to play on what mat said, maybe for each person who uses the links to the instances it takes them to a different time
(12/22 13:50:28) Lyn'et: If it means I can explore more of the city, I'll help
(12/22 13:50:35) jolly: kind of a exilation
(12/22 13:50:36) Nadnerb: perhaps a link could be provided to the main city areas in the yeesha book. then we could see the people in the instances ourselves.
(12/22 13:50:48) Spaz342: If you can be more specific in what to look for, I'll lend a hand.
(12/22 13:51:07) Nadnerb: I would guess that we would see our neighbors, based on what I"ve seen
(12/22 13:51:09) kami: so our inability to share the city book with others ..that sort of thing?
(12/22 13:51:14) Victor Laxman: I realize that currently there are only a few locations accessible in the other instances, but it...
(12/22 13:51:28) Victor Laxman: still might be possible to determine some information.
(12/22 13:51:37) Lan: is the DRC working on making The Wall in Gahreesen fully functional again?
(12/22 13:51:59) Nadnerb: It really ought to be possible to share the city book. someone should tell yeesha that.
(12/22 13:52:15) Victor Laxman: And we're working on something that opens up more of those other city instance areas.
(12/22 13:52:22) Nadnerb: but all we've seen of her is that hologram
(12/22 13:52:22) Spaz342: If she wanted it to be, she would do it.
(12/22 13:52:32) Matthew Miller: That would be great Mr.Laxman
(12/22 13:52:38) Nehm'o .: laxman est la
(12/22 13:52:43) Nadnerb: excellent!
(12/22 13:52:43) Curty: Awesome !!!!! thank you:)
(12/22 13:52:47) Guru: She did show up in the cleft when the rain came.
(12/22 13:52:48) kami: oh....what is "something" victor?
(12/22 13:52:48) Victor Laxman: Yeesha makes her own rules, and we assume she has reasons for them. But we'll do everything...
(12/22 13:53:03) Victor Laxman: we can to explore within those rules.
(12/22 13:53:24) kami: that makes sense......yeesha rules
(12/22 13:53:26) kami laughs
(12/22 13:53:34) Nadnerb starts to laugh
(12/22 13:53:34) jolly: she probibly has the rulse to prevent destruction again
(12/22 13:53:48) Curty: thanks Dan'ni
(12/22 13:53:49) Spaz342: or enable it....
(12/22 13:53:52) Victor Laxman: So as you can see, it was just a little chat to disclose what we've found and...
(12/22 13:53:54) Nadnerb: but she say's it's coming..
(12/22 13:53:55) ireenquench: Victor I understand you want us to investigate the instances and tell others how the linking to them works and affects them but I have another question: I would like to know what factors made you come to the conclusion that the incident on Tuesday (not only the mass link) was a "Bahro thing".
(12/22 13:54:09) Victor Laxman: encourage you to explore the same thing we are.
(12/22 13:54:54) Matthew Miller: Thank you for the information Mr.Laxman. Nice to know the drc are willing to share what they are exploring as well
(12/22 13:55:23) Victor Laxman: ireen - I'm not sure we know it was a Bahro thing, but becasue of the Bahro "activity" (more frequent screams leading up to the event)...
(12/22 13:55:28) Lyn'et: Some of us have never experienced these instances you speak of.
(12/22 13:55:37) Curty: are we not able to jump from the roof top anymore?...........
(12/22 13:55:46) Victor Laxman: we feel like certainly it would be naive to think they weren't somehow related.
(12/22 13:55:49) Alfred: If the universe is infinite and god is also infinite, and taking into account worm hole theory... would you like a cheese and ham Bravel?
(12/22 13:55:50) kami: appears to be a more friendly dr.......makes me smile
(12/22 13:56:13) Arthur Kalnins: Dr. Laxman, can you tell us who the "Cate" Dr. Kodama was meeting with was?
(12/22 13:56:58) Victor Laxman: That is really all I have for now. I'm off to get some more improvements in the KI.
(12/22 13:57:09) kami: thank you victor
(12/22 13:57:12) Victor Laxman: Thank you all for so much patience and support!
(12/22 13:57:15) amy: thanks for all that
(12/22 13:57:17) Arthur Kalnins thanks you very much!
(12/22 13:57:20) Matthew Miller: What type of improvements?
(12/22 13:57:20) Aikien: yes plz
(12/22 13:57:22) jolly: Dr., do you think the Barho are any form of threat?
(12/22 13:57:24) Victor Laxman waves
(12/22 13:57:26) BlackRaven: Thank you Victor
(12/22 13:57:26) 4runner: Thank you for your time
(12/22 13:57:27) Mireena: Thank you for the info
(12/22 13:57:27) ireenquench thinks he doesn't have a phd
(12/22 13:57:28) Arthur Kalnins waves
(12/22 13:57:31) Matthew Miller waves
(12/22 13:57:31) Spaz342: Hmm...
(12/22 13:57:34) BlackRaven waves
(12/22 13:57:39) Curty waves
(12/22 13:57:39) borg1985: thank you Victor
(12/22 13:57:39) Mireena waves
(12/22 13:57:40) amy waves
(12/22 13:57:42) Liander waves
(12/22 13:57:45) Lan waves
(12/22 13:57:45) Lyn'et: hat about the barriers?
(12/22 13:57:52) jolly waves
(12/22 13:57:54) Nadnerb waves
(12/22 13:58:01) Aikien: lovely..lil nothing....
(12/22 13:58:02) ireenquench: Thanks a lot Victor.
(12/22 13:58:13) Matthew Miller: Well, that was very interesting
(12/22 13:58:14) amy: cool!