Victor Laxman

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Victor Laxman
Race Human
Personal details
Born June 14, 1958 CE

Victor Laxman is a member of the D'ni Restoration Council and the chief technological engineer of the restoration effort. He can often be heard raving about the difficulties the DRC are having with the KI technology, and has conversed with explorers about D'ni technology in open Town Hall meetings. Prior to the DRC's pull-out in 2004, Dr. Laxman was working with explorers to calibrate the Great Zero.

He received multiple engineering degrees from the University Of Cambridge before joining the Royal Navy from 1978 to 1990. Victor first learned of the restoration efforts from Dr. Watson in early 1995 before joining the DRC from 1997 to 2004. After Dr. Watson left the DRC in 2004, Victor also became co-leader of the group until it disbanded due to a lack of funding. In December 2005, Victor Laxman first approached the other DRC members about restarting the restoration efforts and joined the DRC once more in 2006. Unlike the other DRC members, Victor doesn't oversee any particular phase of the restoration, but is instead in charge of all aspects of restoring D'ni technology. In particular, translating D'ni technology to English, and making it work with other human technology. Victor has heavily worked on the KI and related technologies, such as the Nexus and the Lattice.