Reference:Atrus, letter to Tamon

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Atrus, letter to Tamon
Atrus note exile.jpg
Location Atrus's study, Tomahna
Author Atrus


Thank you for responding so quickly to my request for Nara padlocks. As you know, security in Tomahna has become an important issue of late. Perhaps I am overreacting, as Catherine suggests, but the idea that someone may have been sneaking into my study, reading all of my journals, disturbs me. After what happened to my library on Myst - after my own sons, Sirrus and Achenar, destroyed so many of my Books - I've come to realize how delicate the link is to my worlds. I've never been able to repair those burned Books, to link to each Age and find out if the inhabitants survived. The padlocks won't change that situation, but they should ease my fear of tresspassers considerably.