Tomahna entrance

Tomahna is the name Atrus gave to the new home he built on the surface of Earth for himself, Catherine, and their daughter Yeesha, after the events detailed in the Book of D'ni. His part in the restoration of the D'ni civilization now over, Atrus turned his attention back to his family.

The property on which Tomahna is located is very barren and desert-like. During the intial explorations of D'ni by the Uru Explorers, Dr. Watson let slip that Tomahna is several miles from the Cleft. Yeesha refers to the Cleft as Tomahna, but it was not technically part of the estate. The home itself is something of an oasis, situated high above a broad valley, with a plant-filled sunroom overlooking it. The rest of the home is a collection of greenhouses and spacious rooms arrayed around a large pool of water, which flows (or flowed, at the time) out of the estate and away through the desert.

Atrus and Catherine moved to Tomahna, abandoning Myst Island, because of the overwhelming memories of Sirrus, Achenar, and their intricate and destructive deception. Yet, almost 20 years after that betrayal, Atrus and Catherine had a linking chamber installed beneath their bedroom that enabled them to check up on their wayward sons – a decision that nearly proved far too costly. In the introduction to Myst V - End of Ages, Atrus mentions in a letter or journal entry that the time had come for him to abandon Tomahna as well, now that Catherine was dead and Yeesha off fulfilling her role in the restoration of D'ni.