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Class system
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Location Tokotah rooftop, Ae'gura
Author Tricia Lawson
Class Structure

Seems as though my first inclination toward class structure was incorrect. Though early on there was little in the way of a class society, such a high ideal faded quickly. By 9400 DE there were seven very distinct classes.

Elite - The Lords and the Grand Masters of the Major Guilds. It was possible for private citizens to be accepted but if so, abundant resources were needed. It was only the elite who owned private libraries of Books and the private Islands.

Quite a few obvious attempts to reach out and unify the classes although I'm not sure it did much good. Common Libraries, Major Guild scholarships, renovation of poorer districts, all seemed more political than life changing. Not surprising I suppose.

Guild Members - Yes it was possible for the lower classes to attend but it seems by the end the schools were far too expensive and prestigious to allow for such. As a result, the graduates became a class among themselves. And a very high one at that.

Upper Class - The lowest of the three higher classes. Such citizens had succeeded in private enterprise and most likely provide the elite with their banks, pubs, etc…No Major Guild education for the most part, but enough money to buy their way into the upper classes.

Middle Class - Mostly shop-owners and the like. Able to afford some luxuries of D'ni but still considered far from the Elite. Rare but possible for them to own Books as well as Private Ages. Seemed to make up most of the Minor Guild enrollment.

High Poor - The higher class of poor seemed to be made mostly of industrial workers, many of whom spent their time on foreign Ages (before it was outlawed of course). It seems that this class, along with the lower two, did not own Books.

Low Poor - I can't seem to find a better name for them. However, seems clear that there were two classes of poor. These low poor were relegated to their own districts and rarely seen even with the middle class and never with the upper classes. Possibly used as servants, although that was generally looked down upon.

Sub-Low? - Reference to "the Least" (an undefined sub-class?) are found on rare occasions. Not enough data to elucidate.