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King Jaron
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Location Hall of Kings, Ae'gura
King Jaron

Jaron - Took the throne in 6284 at the age of 83.

He was apparently much like his father, more interested in keeping everyone happy than declaring one side of the debates concerning philosophy, advancement, or outside involvement right or wrong.

As a result, though the people were satisfied, there was further division among them. The elite and poor became more divided and though there was quite a bit of new construction and renovation in both the elite and poor districts, there was nothing done to join the two.

For some reason, Jaron was obsessed with expansion and exploration of the cavern. There were rumors his obsession stemmed from Watcher prophecies; one in particular stated, "because of tunnels D'ni has changed forever." Jaron never said what drove him but throughout his reign he pushed the Guild of Miners, Mechanists, Engineers, and Surveyors to work together to create new drills and machinery. He had great plans to widen the Rudenna Passage, which when opened, would allow for further expansion.

In 6430, the announcement came. Rock Biter and The Burrower were both christened in a great ceremony and then immediately put to work. Stone Tooth and Stone Eater, were used for further city expansion.

The once violent factions that had existed were, for the most part, dissolving. Many of their members were seemingly beginning to call themselves Followers of Yahvo (as Gish had been), and though they did not support outside involvement, they believed it was best to obey Yahvo and hope for a peaceful solution. Though Jaron carried out a few meetings with the factions, the dissolution of the factions had little to do with his policies or leadership. Regardless, he was able to focus on mining efforts without consequences. It was a luxury the previous Kings had not been afforded and the main reason some of the greatest expansion in D'ni history began under Jaron.

Jaron himself died in 6498 at the age of 297. Though he did see the completion of the expansion of the Rudenna Passage, he never saw the new areas to which the passage led. He left the throne to his third son.