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King Kedri
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Location Hall of Kings, Ae'gura
King Kedri

Kedri - Took the throne in 3654 at the age of 80. Kedri, himself, was seen by many as a testament to the type of woman his mother had been. The day of Kedri's coronation was the proudest moment of Shama's life, she often said, up until the day she passed away in 3689.

Whether or not they agreed with Kedri's decisions (it seems most did), there was seemingly hardly a single D'ni who did not greatly respect and care for Kedri. He was a king for the people and, most historians agree, was the most popular King of D'ni history, besides the Great King.

Kedri led a number of small proposals that often benefited the lower classes. At the same time, it seems, he assured the higher classes that the proposals were the right thing to do.

Up to that point, The Island had basically been set aside for the elite. It was Kedri who established the district of Shamathen (later changed to Kerath'en) as a "more affordable" residential district.

Kedri also donated his own Age of the Kings, written during the reign of his grandfather, to the Common Library. He directed money to massive renovation projects throughout D'ni, including further additions to the Great Temple, the Opera House, and further renovations to Belari, the deteriorating district that Rakeri had started years earlier.

In the numerous books and journals written about Kedri, it is said that he often walked the streets of D'ni and attended events with the rest of his people, as though he were one of them.

He was married in 3686 at a public ceremony that was open to all who wished to attend. As one writer said of the event, "if you did not want to be there, you did not want to be D'ni...".

Kedri eventually passed away in 3903 at the age of 329, leaving the throne to his first-born son.