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King Yableshan
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Location Hall of Kings, Ae'gura
King Yableshan

Took the throne in 4843 at the age of 109.

Though most commentaries say that he held to the same beliefs as his father, it seems he was not nearly as strong and thus, did not carry the level of respect that his father had; a character trait that some of the more violent factions preyed upon.

Demath had managed to re-focus the D’ni to a large part. However, the few factions who still desired to make their case were able to make Yableshan’s reign an unpleasant one.

In 4865, the Blood of Yahvo kidnapped Yableshan’s first son from the Guild of Chemists. In a letter the faction stated they would kill the King’s son if one of their own leaders was not released[a]. Yableshan ordered the Relyimah to find his son, but they were apparently unable to do so (later it was discovered that a key member of the Relyimah had joined the Blood of Yahvo and was aiding them).

Feeling forced, Yableshan gave into the demands and released the prisoner they had asked for. The body of his son appeared on the steps of the palace a few days later.

The death of Yableshan’s son, along with newfound evidences [sic] of a mole within the Relyimah, further separated D’ni into two sides. Those who wished to end outside intervention were becoming stronger, publicly raising their cause, almost daily. Those who followed the majority were growing angrier and less tolerable of those who did not. As a result, there is little doubt that there were very few D'ni left who fell into the middle ground. There were even less, including Yableshan, who could bridge the two sides[b].

Yableshan, in an apparent attempt to divert his people’s attention from the brewing wars, decided in 4889 to announce remodels for all of the 18 Major Guilds. It was the first of its kind since the D’ni had been founded and warmly embraced by the Guilds. Under the announcement, Yableshan changed some of the original restrictions of Ri’neref, offering the Guilds more liberty in the structures they could build.

In 4901, Yableshan stated his plans for a new Common Library, located directly within the Vamen District of D’ni (a middle-class district). In 4910 he announced plans for a new park to be built on Neref Island. In 4914, three new “Recreation” Ages were placed within the park as gifts from the Guild of Writers in order to celebrate the completion of their new Guild.

The diversions seemed to do their job until 4954 when an explosion occurred on the Age of Meanas[c], killing 400 outsiders and 78 D’ni. It was apparently the result of a bad combination of gasses: one, the D’ni had brought with them and the other, already in existence on Meanas. Another push was begun to seal themselves from outside influence.

The Relyimah (who were usually counted on in these situations) apparently had no information as to the facts of the explosion. They were still apparently in the midst of their own chaos, trying to discover the mole. There were some who thought the explosion had been a set-up, but it could not be proven[d].

In 5043 Yableshan placed a man by the name of Faresh in charge of the Guild of Illusionists. His first mission, as ordered by Yableshan himself, was to find whoever was destroying the Relyimah’s ability to gain knowledge.

Though most believe that Faresh had been more interested in actual illusions than the Unseen, he was also known as an extremely intelligent man and immediately put into action a plan to clean up the Relyimah. He also began construction of a “house” on one of the private islands of the cavern that blatantly demonstrated his love for illusions.

Yableshan died in 5081 at the age of 347. He never had any other children after his son was killed and left the throne to his youngest brother-n-law [sic] (his younger sisters’ [sic] husband).


  1. Goshen had been imprisoned in a prison Book fifty years earlier by Demath
  2. From “How They Came; A Detailed Look at what started the Mee-Dis War” by Jamen. Written in 7201
  3. Meanas was well known for its production of mining machinery
  4. From “Revealing the Unseen” written by Besharen in 5999