Reference:Riven Soundtrack

D'ni text that appears on the Riven Soundtrack CD.


.met yishah kokenen kopazgo tenahsh mretson Ahzmoreluh[1]
This [planet] was [funded] in [part] from the Osmorella [foundation][2]
Rahbin Jahsh Bahnee Hedhuhr Randh Jahn
[Robyn] [Josh] [Bonny] [Heather] [Rand] [John][3]


  1. This is the correct spelling, as provided by RAWA; the actual text on the disc is: "met yishah kokenen koago tenahsh mretson Ahmoreluh". The misspellings were reportedly a choice of the graphic artist.
  2. The phrase appears on a computer screen in Cyan's game Cosmic Osmo and the Worlds Beyond the Mackerel.
  3. Most likely a list of Cyan employees. The "dh" in "Randh" is likely a misspelling of "d".