Reference:Sirrus, Bomb Factory journal

Sirrus, Bomb Factory journal
Location Spire, bomb factory
Author Sirrus

100.5.28 Something has happened. There is a structure in the spire that was not there nine days ago, when I sailed off to harvest more cristals. Its existence is impossible. Yet I have stood inside its foyer and know that it is real ...

I am forced to make an inconceivable deduction. Somehow, my father is still alive ...

I do not understand how this can be. Regardless, given the design of the chamber -- and in particular, its barred dividing wall -- I suspect that our reunion will be tense.

100.8.3 Fifteen years. Still, it is not enough for him!

This age was nothing when I arrived. Nothing but floating rocks and debris. I am the one who made it livable -- and I did so without help from any quarter. If I could have found just one single person to assist me ...

But no. He does not want to talk about accomplishments. All he wants to talk about are the books. Yes I burned them, Father. I am sorry. Now can we put the past aside and let me out of here?

100.8.17 Another wasted evening, playing "repentant sinner" in his linking chamber. I do not know why I even waste my time. It is obvious he will never be convinced.

But what of Mother? Her endless hand-wringing is as maddening as ever, yet there must be some way I can use it.

Perhaps if I play upon her guilt. Create a sculptural vignette which she can see inside their viewer. If I choose the appropriate memory, it should convince her that I, too, have my regrets.

100.9.29 This is intolerable!! If he did not intend to set me free, why create the chamber in the first place? To flaunt his all-powerful skills?! I get it, Father. Really, I do. Everything I have accomplished here pales in comparison to what you can do with the Art. It is the one power you have that I shall never defeat.

No wonder you refused to teach it to me.

101.1.19 I will take this no longer. It is time I showed him some of my power. Father believes his chamber to be impenetrable, but he has forgotten the very laws he once explained to me: frequency and molecular vibration.

The crystals can do it. If I find the right frequency, their song can set off a vibration that will tear through the chamber on a molecular level. Those impenetrable walls will shatter like glass.

No doubt, I will need a great deal of electricity to do it. I had better re-tune the musical instrument.

101.1.29 I have a sister?!

I do not know what to think. It is something I never even considered.

I must not let it affect me. There is too much work to be done. I need to get more power to the cables. Building additional conductors will take too long, but if I dismantle parts of the rock-ship network, then rewire the remainder directly into the throne ...

But if his chamber is breached, there will be no need.

101.6.10 It is no use. He will never teach me the Art. Questioning him about it only makes him suspicious. Perhaps, with him out of the picture, I can learn it from the D'ni.

102.4.10 I cannot proceed without a sample. I have tried chipping off pieces from the chamber, using every possible method save the crystal, but my efforts have all proven fruitless. How can I convince him to give me a piece? Or better yet, a set of matching pieces ...

This will require a very delicate touch ...

Wonder if he still enjoys playing ...

103.2.14 So that was my dear little sister. I see now why he is so taken with her. She is only a child and yet ... Several times during our discussion I caught her studying me, attempting to ascertain what to believe. How much have they told her, I wonder?

I don't even care. It's obvious they value her more than they ever did Achenar and me.

Very well then. I shall use even that to my advantage.

103.8.26 Retrofitting of the old crystal cavern proceeds on schedule. The loss of my lab was a setback, for I cannot continue frequency tests until all the cavern walls are removed. But that explosion has made me very cautious. I would rather dangle over the stars than have solid rock walls explode on top of me.

104.7.2 NO! He cannot do this! Why is he bringing her into this?!

I will not allow it. I will not allow a mere child to have that much power over me. How DARE he agree to teach her the Art!!

There must be a way. Some way to get the knowledge from her. But how?!

[sketch of Serenian Memory Chamber]

Go ahead, Father. Go ahead and teach her. If you insist on giving this power to Yeesha, then I will make sure you're also giving it to me.

105.5.28 I have found the frequency …