Reference:Yeesha, letter to Atrus

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Yeesha, letter to Atrus
Yeesha letter to atrus.png
Location Atrus's prison, K'veer
Author Yeesha


I know you can not hear me, yet I must write to you.
In my heart, you will hear my voice, the voice of your desert bird.
Words written to me, for me, and of me. Who would believe that the tree would die, so that I could grow it again? You always did. Your desert bird was so much more and I understand you now. You knew, though I did not.
Now I know. I know much father. I have learned of the death. I am powerful father. I have seen new life, and brought it forth myself. And I go now to become the grower. If only you could see. Perhaps you do.

I am Yeesha.
I am the Grower.

Thank you father.
Your burden is lifted.


This note is only available in Uru: Complete Chronicles. It does not exist in Myst Online: Uru Live.