Reference:Yeesha, personal journal (Myst IV: Revelation)

Yeesha, personal journal (Myst IV: Revelation)
Location Tomahna, Yeesha's bedroom
Author Yeesha

Monday: I got this book. Dad gave it to me. I'm going to write in it every night.

Tuesday: In the morning we worked on long division. After dinner, I made a puzzle. Mom & me started the Fun Club and looked at stars.

Thursday: I didn't do much.

Sunday: We visited my brother today. He had a gift for me but Dad made me go home before I could see it. I felt bad. Dad talked to me later & said it was just bones so I shouldn't be scared. I wasn't cause I don't think Achenar meant it to be bad. He looked so sad when we left.

Monday: It was hot. I spent the whole day by the water.

Saturday: Dad took me to a really neat place today. It's called Serenia and the people there are SOOOO nice.

They never forget stuff cause if they do, their Memory Chamber remembers it for them. I went inside & saw all the memory globes hanging from the ceiling, just like Sirrus said I would.

Monday: Mom said it's too soon to go back to Serenia. I've been thinking though & I don't know if I want my memories put inside a globe when I'm dead. What if I need them?

Thursday: I told BOTH Sirrus and Achenar about the Fun Club. They want to join.

Wednesday: Dad FINALLY said we could go see Anya tomorrow. She takes care of the Memory Chamber. She's one of its Protectors. Only women can be Protectors. Men stay in the village & do other hard stuff, like fixing roofs.

Thursday: I saw the coolest creature on Serenia today. It was made of water but when it saw me looking it got shy and fell apart. Dad said it must have been a fish jumping 'cause he didn't see it. Mom believed me though.

Friday: Anya told me her people put their memories in globes so their families can visit them in the Dream World. She said I could visit the Dream World too, but I'd have to learn how. PLUS I need a spirit guide. Maybe I can get one next time we visit.

Sunday: I got the best gift of all time today - a spirit guide statue! Sirrus carved it for me himself. It looks kind of funny but that's 'cause he never saw one. He just went with what I told him. He knows EXACTLY what questions to ask and he listens better than anyone.

Friday: Before supper Dad & me changed the lock on my bookshelf. I said since I'm learning D'ni I could change the covers and use everyone's names instead. I won't forget whose older than who, either. He said it really really had to be the REALLY last time but he was glad.

Thursday: We didn't do much but tomorrow I start learning how to dream on Serenia. I'll probably be too busy to write in this journal for MONTHS!!

Sunday: Anya gave me a special necklace today. It's really good at picking up memories. She says some things are better at holding them than others & that only the most POWERFUL memories get shown. I touched it as soon as I got home and it WORKED! I can't wait to show all my friends.