Riven doorknocker

Riven Doorknocker
On house doors in the Rivenese Village.
Location Rivenese Village on Jungle Island in Riven Age

These are the doorknockers for the Rivenese houses in the Riven Age. As with many other things in Riven, they are based on the number five (Riven was titled "The Fifth Age" by Gehn, and the number 5 seems to appear everywhere). They are in the shape of Gehn's Crest, and knocking on the door five times will signal the occupant to open the door. It is assumed that this was a signal that someone official (like Gehn or one of his "Guildsmen") was at the door.

When the Stranger attempted to use this knocker, a Rivenese Village woman answered her house door by opening a square peephole in the door, scornfully stared at him seeing that he was not one of Gehn's people, then rudely shut it again.