This article is about the D'ni queen. For other uses, see Shama (disambiguation).
Race D'ni
Personal details
Spouse Ti'amel
Children Kedri

Shama (Sama[contested]) was the wife of King Ti'amel, and the mother of King Kedri. They were married in 3477 DE. She was said to have been the real ruler of D'ni, for all practical purposes, during Ti'amel's reign. Her faith in Yahvo was strong, and she firmly believed that a woman's highest duty was the guidance of her children. She vowed that her son would be nothing like his wastrel father. In 3523 DE, Shama persuaded the Guild Council that it would be wrong to allow women to enter the Major Guilds, as she believed a woman's primary duty was to raise her children well, though they had become eligible for Minor Guild education in 3500 DE.

When King Kedri ordered the building of a new district where the common people could be housed in the same luxury as the elite, he named it Shamathen in her honor. It was later re-named to Kerath'en in honor of King Kerath.