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"Environmental Verification Suit" name[edit source]

Is any version of this suit ever called an "Environmental Verification Suit" by a proper source? The Gahreesen notebook says "Maintainer suit", the avatar customization in TPotS calls the helmet a "maintainer helmet" IIRC, and the Wall notebook just says "suit". Even the infobox on the article itself says "Maintainer Suit"!

The MYSTlore "Maintainer's suit" page has a subsection "The Environmental Verification Suit" that describes the bulkiest version of the suit. That would indicate that only the heavy-duty version is an "Environmental Verification Suit" and the other suits have different names.

I've seen some people call the maintainer suit an "environmental suit" or "EV suit". "Environmental suit" is the term for this sort of suit in real life, and "EV suit" appears to be short for "environmental suit" (apparently this abbreviation came from Star Trek?). Searching the web for "environmental verification suit" brings up very few results, almost all of them Myst-related. I'm guessing that someone thought that "Environmental Verification Suit" was the long version of "EV suit", put that on MYSTlore, and then everyone copied that information.

In short, everything in the game says "maintainer suit", and so does the community most of the time. "Environmental Verification Suit" is at best the term for one type of maintainer suit, and at worst it's simply incorrect. I would vote for moving the page to Maintainer suit, maybe leaving the "Environmental Verification Suit" term in the article with a {{citation needed}}. --dgelessus (talk · contribs) 16:50, 27 November 2020 (PST)

PS: I checked the Gahreesen game files and found one texture that's used specifically for the bulky suit, and it's called "grsnrefrigeratortextures" (lol). The textures for the "standard" suit (hanging on the wall in the yellow team room) are called "grsnsuitahelment" and "maintainerhelmet". The avatar textures for the wall suit are called "uacc_maintainerhelmet", "ufoot_maintainerboot", etc. So the game files don't use this term either. --dgelessus (talk · contribs) 17:09, 27 November 2020 (PST)