Template:Zero width joiner/doc

The template {{zwj}} inserts the code , producing a U+200D zero-width joiner (HTML: ‍ ‍) in the rendered wiki-page. This invisibly 'sews together' two words as if they were a single word, preventing their separation at line breaks. It acts as a {{no-break space}}   except is immaterial and does not display on the page.


This template can be used, for example, to prevent text to wrap as in:

something that needs a citation
[citation needed]

Inserting {{zwj}} between the text and the tag produces instead:

something that needs a citation[citation needed]

See also[edit]

  • {{Zwnj}} (zero-width non-joiner, allows two pieces of text to wrap when they otherwise wouldn't)
  • {{Spaces}} (no-break spaces)
  • {{Nnbsp}} (narrow no-break space)
  • {{Nbhyph}} (no-break hyphen)
  • {{Shy}} (soft hyphen)