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Race D'ni
Personal details
Born 3000 DE
Died 3218 DE

Born at the beginning of the reign of King Rakeri, Tevahr (tevar[contested]) was a devoted follower of the teachings of The Great King. He was an outspoken critic of what he saw as a lack of religious faith among the D'ni people.

Early life[edit]

In 3065 DE, Tevahr began preaching for a return to the principles and laws of Yahvo. He quickly rose to prominence as a public figure, and by 3077 he had gained a large following by denouncing the cultist sects that had dominated D'ni's religious beliefs for decades. He also expressed considerable outrage at the construction of government buildings over top of the Temple of the Great King, and considered them a symbol of how religion had become subordinate to a love of government and power.

Prophet to King Rakeri[edit]

Rakeri was a staunch opponent to Tevahr's views. In 3081, Rakeri challenged him to a public debate, which Tevahr was reported to have won handily. Rather than being thrown in prison or executed for humiliating him, Rakeri ultimately became a convert, and asked Tevahr to be his main prophet.

Afterward, D'ni culture began to change rapidly. The 2500 sects that had been in existence at the peak of "the religious confusion" during King Naygen's reign 600 years earlier were reduced to 47 by the year 3100. Most of the remaining cults had an insignificant membership, and the people largely returned to the original beliefs of Ri'neref, as expanded upon by the Great King. In 3112, Rakeri and Tevahr began planning a major renovation of the Great Temple, the Regeltovokum. Rakeri also announced that the original line of the Great Zero established by Ri'neref would be honored. This line had been unofficially changed by King Me'erta in 1817, to encourage cultism and a departure from the beliefs of Ri'neref.

Tevahr died at the young age of 218. King Rakeri ordered five days of national sadness to mourn his loss.