Thomas Maxwell

Thomas Maxwell
Discussing possibilities
Race Human
Portrayed by Graham Lee

While Thomas Maxwell wasn't part of the original team, he and Alex Jung had previously worked together, and it was his knowledge of particle acceleration physics that made Jung insist that Maxwell would be a vital asset in understanding the Great Zero.[1]

A native of Birmingham, England, Maxwell studied physics at Oxford. His doctoral thesis ("A search for a beyond-the-standard-model boson in the leptonic channel") garnered considerable interest in the international physics community. He was so passionate about his subject, he started a podcast ("Bosons for Breakfast") whose purpose was to put particle physics into terms that non-scientists could understand. This podcast was so popular Oxford gave him a slot in their lecture schedule to which members of the general public were invited to attend.

Thomas suffers from acute vertigo, which made his descent to D'ni a living hell. However as soon as he was taken to the Great Zero, he recognized its potential and his enthusiasm returned.


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