Alexander Jung

Alexander Jung
Alex puts the acoustics of the GZ to the test
Race Human
Portrayed by Frank Zavelberg

Alexander ('Alex') Jung is one of the lead researchers at Eddy Air Force base in New Mexico.[1]

With a German father and an American mother, Jung was raised to be bilingual. He studied at Nottingham University in the UK, and finished his PhD at Fermilab in Chicago. It was while in Chicago that he was approached by the Air Force to work with Colonel Collins in the field of stealth technology.

Alex is a down-to-earth scientist, and as such believes first and foremost in things you can observe or measure. He and Gabe often encountered Morgan Lapahie at a popular diner near the Archives, lunches that invariably ended in a passionate bickering between the anthropologist and the physicist. ("You're such a mystic!" he would tease her.)

On his first visit to the Great Zero he convinced Colonel Collins that they needed the help of a particle physicist, which is how Thomas Maxwell came to join the team.


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