Voltaic generator

From Guild of Archivists

The Voltaic generator served as the basis for a very powerful electromagnet, as well as providing power to the elevator on the other side of the Age, which leads down to the airship boarding platform, in addition to powering many other devices. In the tunnel leading to this room, Atrus left his Voltaic imager to teach his sons about the Art, replaced by one of Saavedro's messages.

This generator is divided into 5 sections, each with two sets of 3 buttons to move metal circuits along to connect each other, and when the network is complete, the panels close, and power starts up.

After the Stranger used the Airship to reach the starting island, a lever near the hydroelectric dam activated the magnet and lifted the entire island meters into the sky. Underneath the magnet is a pile of floating debris which makes up a set of Narayani poetry-some of which was disrupted by Saavedro via Amateria's floating stone placed inside the Age's soil.

Sirrus makes mention of this system in a memory: "Looks like those circuit lessons you've drilled into me on Voltaic have finally paid off, father! Of course, figuring out how to complete this electrical network was 10 times more difficult, seeing how I had to build everything from scratch."