Great Tree of Possibilities

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The Great Tree of Possibilities (terok jerUT) is a D'ni allegory of the multiverse, visualized as a tree of an infinite number of branches, created by Yahvo.

One of the interpretations of quantum theory is that until a state of matter is observed it exists in many states simultaneously - it exists as a "probability wave" that contains all of the possible states of that matter. Therefore, as was proposed in Schrödinger's famous cat analogy, bizarre things happen on the quantum level that would allow things like Schrödinger's cat to be both alive and dead at the same time, until one of the states is observed, thus locking it in the single state that was observed. When this observation occurs, all the other probabilities cease to exist, as the "wave" collapses.

What the D'ni seemed to have concluded (proved?) though, is that those probability waves don't cease to exist altogether, instead each possibility continues to exist in an alternate quantum reality (read "parallel universe" ), until a state is observed in that quantum reality, and the possibilities not observed in that quantum reality continue to exist in still another quantum reality, and so on ad infinitum. This means that every possible combination of quantum events since the creation of the universe exists in a quantum reality somewhere. The D'ni called this "The Great Tree of Possibilities".

— RAWA, "Interview With Richard Watson, Part III". Lockergnome. February 11, 2005.

Despite often being referred to as the Great Tree of Possibilities in English, its D'ni name, Terokh Jerooth, in fact translates to only "Tree of Possibilities", without any mention of greatness.