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This collection is for all spoken dialogue (or monologues) in the Myst universe. For conversations between characters in Uru that appeared in text via KI chat, use the chat logs category.


Add dialogue[edit]

When adding a new block of dialogue, the title format is:

[Character name], context for lines [(full title of game)]


  • Atrus, opening voiceover (Myst)
  • Esher, Keep addresses
  • Yeesha, imager recordings
  • Endgame (Myst V: End of Ages)
  • Amulet memories, Haven

When creating a new dialogue entry, consider collecting multiple related small bits of dialogue together into a single entry, organized with a table of contents. For example, Reference:Amulet memories, Haven contains all of the incidental dialogue available through the memory amulet in the Age of Haven.

Some scenes may include dialogue from multiple characters. In that case, leave the character's name off and provide only the context of the scene or collection. The name of the game is only required when clarification is necessary. You should, however, always categorize the entry by game. Use [[Category:<full game title> dialogue]]. You should also include a [[Category:<character name> dialogue]] category where appropriate, to organize dialogue by character. If multiple characters speak in a particular dialogue block, tag each of them with their own dialogue category.

Special note regarding Uru[edit]

When adding dialogue from Uru, be sure to categorize it by which version of the game the dialogue first appeared in. For example, Yeesha's bahro cave speeches would be categorized as Uru: Ages Beyond Myst dialogue, while her farewell address at the end of Live Season 1 would be categorized as Myst Online: Uru Live dialogue.

Do not use Uru: Complete Chronicles when categorizing dialogue. Instead, use the specific expansion pack it was added in (Uru: To D'ni or Uru: The Path of the Shell).