Memory amulet

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Created by the Serenian Protectors, the Memory amulet serves as a guide for the bearer, allowing them to see or hear powerful memories associated with a specific place or object. The necklace that bears the amulet is different depending on which Spirit Guide the individual is tied to. The Children of Water – Anya, Moiri, and Yeesha – have necklaces of shells. The Children of Wind – Raeane and Caradell – have necklaces of feathers. The Children of Fire – Zanika and Yannin – have necklaces of some red material that has not been identified yet.

The amulet itself (the gem) contains pollen from the heart of the Memory Chamber, according to the Prima Strategy Guide for Revelation, though it has been speculated[1] that the gem may be a piece of an empty memory globe.

References[edit | edit source]

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